Two-year, or twenty-four-thousand-mile warranty on all parts and labor associated with muffler installation. One-year, or ten-thousand-mile warranty on parts and labor associated with gasket and hardware installation. The manufacturing companies of all catalytic converters have their own warranties in place. (See manufacturer’s warranty slip below for further explanation of the process). Most aftermarket companies offer a fifty thousand miles, or five-year limited warranty on aftermarket catalytic converters. We are a certified NAPA Auto Care Center, so if a problem occurs out of the area, it can be covered by another NAPA location, or authorized NAPA Auto Care Center.

Procedure for Warranty

In order to process a warranty for any catalytic converter, manufacturer requires Marco Muffler to submit a fuel trim diagnostic, which relates to emissions performance. This diagnostic must be done by a certified automotive business, and all paper work is required to be submitted. All paper work includes, original invoice, failed smog paper work, and a copy of the diagnostic performed by the certified automotive business. No check engine light on. Catalytic converter warranty will be voided if the converter appears discolored, or any sign of internal melt down. In addition, any misfire, oxygen sensor issue, exhaust leak, motor mount problem, evident oil consumption, or anti-freeze contamination issue will void warranty. These stipulations are not from Marco Muffler, they are imposed by Magnaflow and Walker. Marco Muffler will act as an advocate for you with the manufacturer, but does not in any way express, or guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty of catalytic converters.