Custom Work

Custom exhaust work

The custom exhaust work we do is what separates us from a franchise muffler shop; we don’t just bolt on pre-bent pipes and send them on the way. We work with the customer to craft the exhaust to do whatever the exhaust needs to do. If the motor requires low back pressure we can custom build a system for the vehicle to have the low back pressure and still provide whatever sound and look the customer wants. Customers can choose the pipe size and type of tubing. We use a man-made metal that is aluminized steel so it doesn’t rust and it welds beautifully. We also offer Stainless steel and tig welding if the customer wants to up the game on a show car. We bolt all hangers to the frame and we have powder-coated brackets to make the installation pretty. We have all sizes of stainless steel V-Band clamps that can be installed on the exhaust for easy removal. Then the customer can view all of their tip options for their vehicle. To ensure your satisfaction, our crew will hold up the desired tip, or tips on your vehicle with your selections. The customer can set the distance or rotation of any tip. We offer over 98 different tips. We stock everything from classic chrome, and stainless steel to the new blue flame or burnt tips. We even have twins and triples to check out. Some of the newer styles are stainless steel which has blued or burnt on the ends or black chromed or black powder coated. We now also offer carbon fiber tips. So no matter the look, chances are good that we have it in stock.

We can do many requests, as long as requests are California compliant and do not cause danger, or appear unsafe for the vehicle’s use. CARB legal air intake systems are also available for purchase and installation.