Catalytic Converters

Marco Muffler offers OEM and aftermarket replacement for catalytic converters. We use the California Air Resources Board database to ensure the correct catalytic converter for the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have catalyst emissions label, you may obtain from the dealership, or contact the state referee for approved part.

In House Protection

Marco Muffler has developed our own theft prevention system, which consist of ½ inch hardened steel rod. Paired with ½ inch stainless steel braided cable welded along the hardened steel bar. Both of the parts used are welded throughout the entire catalytic converter assembly.

catalytic Converter

catalytic converter

Cat Security Cat Shield

Marco Muffler has partnered with Cat Security Cat Shield to combat the Catalytic Converter theft pandemic surging throughout the area. Cat Security products are vehicle specific, made to the specifications for each vehicle, which covers and protects the catalytic converters on the vehicle.