Muffler Repair, Replacement & Deletes

Here at Marco Muffler we do all muffler and resonator repair, replacement, and deletes. We can create a pipe for any car or truck with a pipe range from 1.5-inch tubing to a big Diesel truck up to 5 inch. Performance mufflers on any car or truck help the performance and fuel mileage. Depending on which muffler you select, it can definitely change the sound. We offer stock replacement mufflers, resonators, and we stock performance parts from Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla, Justified Mufflers, Black Widow, Walker, AEW, Corsa, and BMRP.

The main muffler does most of the quieting of the exhaust, so changing or deleting those mufflers does a lot to the sound and performance of the vehicle. We do what we call a “sound check,” when we remove the old muffler and hold up the varying performance parts to give the guest an idea of what the vehicle may sound like before we weld the desired product within the vehicle’s exhaust system. We gather information based on the customer’s needs provide a wide variety of products that fit their parameters. We remove the restricting muffler, or resonator and hold the performance part in the desired location. Then, we have one of our technicians in your car to start the vehicle, and let off a couple of revs, so the customer can hear the difference in products and have an idea of what they are buying before the final install. This way the customer gets exactly what they want concerning the sound and performance of the vehicle.

Resonator and muffler deletes are very popular. The muffler or resonator is removed and a piece of pipe is put in its place to change the way the car sounds. These are more economic procedures that can make the vehicle sound great! From a 6-cylinder Mustang to a Charger with the scat pack, this is a great option to get some sound out of your car.

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