MUFFLERS: We have performance mufflers, stock mufflers, and heavy duty truck mufflers. We carry mufflers for foreign or domestic cars and trucks and we offer a wide selection for diesel vehicles as well. We have mufflers in stock for your RV or your 18 wheel diesel truck too!...I think you get my drift, we ARE mufflers!! All mufflers come with a 2 year warranty, or you may purchase a lifetime warranty for a nominal fee. Performance mufflers are made from a variety of materials like aluminized stainless, stainless polished, carbon fiber and titanium. Ask one of our professionals which muffler they would recommend to give you the results you desire.

HEADERS/EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: We offer all major brands, shorties to full length race. They come in different finishes nickel, stainless, ceramic, and titanium.

PIPES: Typically exhaust and tail pipes come in two different types of material and we carry them both. You can choose from stainless or aluminized tubing starting at 1-1/4" and go all the way up to 6”. Marco’s installers specialize in custom bending and we will make your pipe dreams come true. We also build custom mandrel exhaust systems. If you dream it, we can build it! Or ask us to design you a system to optimize the performance of your vehicle or to increase your fuel mileage while keeping your personal sense of style in mind.

CATALYTIC CONVERTERS: Marco Muffler only uses CARB & EPA approved converters that meet or exceed OEM requirements. We have most OBD1 and OBD2 in stock. We offer a FREE back pressure check to measure the flow of the exhaust to determine if there is a restriction in your exhaust system. High flow converters are available for most OBD1 applications.

TIPS: This is where we can really get creative with the part of your exhaust that gets the most exposure. With over 100 tips to choose from, you can have fun personalizing your vehicle. Tips come in a variety of shapes and are made out of chrome, stainless, black chrome and chrome over stainless. And if that isn’t enough, we can send out any tip and have it ceramic coated to any color you want!!! Tips come in a range of sizes from 1-1/2" straight cut up to an 8” diesel tip.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: A custom exhaust package would be a really cool gift for your car or truck enthusiast! Pick up a gift certificate at any of our locations!